Hello my gorgeous! 😍

When I’m not out and about in nature (running after my 4 year old😜) meditating or creating pick-a-pile readings, I love creating private card readings, in which I use tarot, oracle, activation and affirmation cards (to name a few) from many different decks, to provide a truly unique experience, that is 100% tailored to you and your choice of topic!

Choose one of the Card Readings below or send your open-ending question or topic that you wish to receive guidance on by completing below form and I’ll email you back with my availability together with payment information 👍🏻

P.s.: If you’re looking for a topic or a question, I’ve listed a few open-ending questions for inspiration, underneath the form for you 🙂👇🏻

Private Card Readings 👇🏻

Generic Tarot / Oracle Card Reading

Lemurian Starchild Card Reading

CAREER – Guidance and Messages about your Career

TWIN FLAME – Guidance and Messages about your Twin Flame

LOVE LIFE – Guidance and Messages about your Love Life

Contact Form

Here is some inspiration for good open-ended questions:

• If I follow my current plan, what is the likely outcome of this situation?

• What should I know about my relationships/my love-life/my career?

• What steps can I take to change or improve this situation?

• Tell me something about his (or her) feelings for me and where this relationship might be going?

• What should be my focus next month/next week/next weekend etc?

• What is my spirit’s guidance for June/next week/next weekend etc?

• What can I do to find my Soulmate?

• How can I strengthen my relationship with the one I love?

• What can I do to progress my career?

• Which of my personality traits should I use to become wealthy?

• Which skills should I develop to make more money?

• What’s standing in my way and preventing me from building wealth?

• What should I be doing to improve my overall health?

• How can I create a life of health and happiness?

• How can I boost my energy levels?

• What is standing in my way of optimum health?

•What can I do to overcome grief?

• How is my loved one doing?

• If they could pass a message to me, what would they say?

Have a good day sweetheart! ☀️

Lots and lots of love, Jessica Xxxx 💙🌸