Jess, can you help me figure out my goals and desires? Yes absolutely!! 🙂👍🏻

Yes, ABSOLUTELY 🙂 …I completely get it when women (or men) struggle to define their goals and desires…because I’ve been there 😅

When I stepped into motherhood, the most important things were (of course my son) but mainly my parenting skills, the cleanliness of our home, the quality of our food and doing what I thought others expected of me…I kind of lost my sense of identity and the knowing of what I wanted to achieve in the future for myself, as well as what I wanted to enjoy in the future!

This can happen with any kind of project in your life including work and relationships also!

Over the last 4 years I learned the tools and tricks on how to gain more clarity to figure things out but I also know, that the root cause of brainfog and the sense of unknowing relate to emotional blocks, past life issues, ancestral karmic debt, inherited beliefs and other experiences lived in the past but everyone’s root cause is different.

I will help you find more clarity and remove the root cause of what you’re experiencing with SAAMA Therapy – February is fully booked, but you can message to book your space in March 🤍✨

Jessica xoxoxox

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Days like “Valentines Day” to me, wether you are in a relationship or not, are perfect days to practice self love 💖

Here are a few tips:

Surrender to the situation you’re in…wether you are single or not…make the best out of it by:

💗 Becoming aware of how you feel today & only do what feels good…sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry and if you’ve a partner, communicate your needs and check on theirs too, so you can manage each other’s expectations for the day and compromise accordingly

💗 Being Present – let go of resentment you feel towards yourself/others for things that have happened in the past…it doesn’t help and also…thinking too much of what might happen in the future isn’t going to help either…enjoy your now moment always 🤍

💗 Write yourself/your partner a letter expressing those things you love about yourself/them! It’s so good receiving a little reminder! If you’re stuck for words, close your eyes, focus on your breath and ask: What do I love about myself or about his/her name…be mindful of what you see, hear in your mind 🙏🏻

💗 Eating consciously! If you’re still dieting, ditch your diet from today! It’s the best Valentines gift you can give yourself…tell yourself or your partner how much you love yourself/him/her exactly as you are – he/she is!

💗 Make a plan of how you can love yourself daily starting from now…try to introduce little routines here and there to brighten and focus on yourself – even if you’re in a relationship ✨

I hope your day is exactly as you wish 😘 because you certainly deserve it to be!

Jessica xoxoxoxox

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Morning or Evening Meditation that promotes Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Positive Thinking, incl. Affirmations

Here is a short meditation from my self-love challenge, that will help improve your level of Self-Love, Self-Esteem and positive thinking.

Watch it here:

If you’d like to know more about my current self-love challenge, click here 👉🏻

During the meditation:

What Animals did you see?

How did your door look?

What symbols did you see?

Where were you during the meditation?

👉🏻 Let me know in the comments, as there could be a sign from the universe, angels, god, source etc. for you 💛

Did you know? I’m also a card reader, helping others by giving guidance on questions related to relationships, career, love or your spiritual path. More information here: 👉🏻

Much love, Jessica


Happy 1st day of December my lovely!! 🎅🏻🎄🙌🏻

This is a SELF-LOVE related Pick-A-Pile Reading for you, which provided a birds eye view on the current situation regarding Self-Love but also what you can do to improve your level of Self-Love, a message from the archangels and an activation card 👌🏻👌🏻🧡

If you’d like to work with your guides etc. Call them in for this reading now 👍🏻

Begin by closing your eyes and focussing on your natural breath. Release any tensions you can currently feel by blowing them out, visualise them leaving your body when you breathe out 💨

When you are relaxed, ask:

✨ Which Pile is for me? What do I need to know regarding Self-Love? ✨

…really try to be conscious about what you see in your mind, what you can hear, what you can feel or you might just know instantly which pile is for you…

Be open to follow your heart 💓 if nothing comes to you, which would be totally normal too…try the same process but with your eyes open and use the crystals that are placed above each pile…try to feel into each pile & crystal and see whether you feel pulled towards a certain deck without the need for thinking, try to just feel ✨

When you have found the one that is for you, find your reading below 💕 Much love, Jessica 💛