I have actively been working on my chakras for a while but beginning of Spring I felt called to consciously focus and work on one chakra at a time and share my experiences as well as what works best for me with others 🙂

This week I am concentrating on healing my Root Chakra and one of the most important parts to me is Chakra Balancing through Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

I try to meditate every day for 30-40min when my son has his siesta & I listen to binaural beats during the night when I sleep…my search term on YouTube or any other platform for music is: “Root Chakra Healing Meditation” & “Sleep Meditation Music for Root Chakra || Muladhara || Healing”

I think guided meditations are a very personal thing, as you may not connect or like the same voice I like but if you search for the above terms you get to the right place and are able to select one that you like the sound of that helps balance/heal your root chakra.

When I first started meditating a few years back I found it hard to be present and not think about anything but practice makes perfect (I’m still practicing) and even if you manage to meditate properly for 1-2 minutes then that’s a huge achievement 👍🏻

What works for me is concentrating on my breathing when my mind starts to go for a wander. I acknowledge the thought (I actually find it interesting what I come up with during meditation, it can be very healing 😅) and then I think about my breathing, how my chest & tummy lifts up and down, how fresh the air feels in my lungs and I try to focus on how my body feels…and of course I listen to the guidance on the meditation itself unless I am channeling my own meditation.

If you have given up on Meditations, I hope my post has given you new motivation to give Meditations another try, as they really are so so good for us 🌸

Hope my post was useful ❤️

Love, Jessica xxx


I couldn’t recommend using positive affirmations for any area of your life enough 👌🏻 reading/saying affirmations as often as possible throughout the day is what needs to be done but I feel you can’t go wrong here, anything you do is only going to help❤️

Sometimes before going to bed or when I get dressed for the day I like switching on some self-love affirmations on YouTube 👍🏻 it’s magical, but this week I will work with the below affirmations daily, to concentrate on my Root chakra👌🏻💜

As I read these, I try to really believe each line and am mindful of how each affirmation makes me feel. It’s a good & quick way to check on your root chakra and see if there are blockages.

Here are a few Affirmations for you, that will raise the vibration of your root chakra:

• I am always safe

• I love my body

• My home is safe and secure

• I am grounded

• I am deeply rooted

• I am financially secure

• My future is financially secure

• I am abundant

• I am connected to my body

• I make healthy choices

• Life loves me and I love being here

• I claim good health

• I am a divine being of light and I am safe, protected and secure

• I trust myself

Found this useful? Leave me a red heart in the comments. Love, Jessica xxx

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Hi there!

Ok so this is happening…During one new moon I decided to start re-balancing my chakras from scratch again…working on one at a time only focussing and enjoying the process of each one…I’ll start with the Root Chakra and work myself up.

My goal is to raise awareness about the chakra system, how you can balance each chakra and most importantly create awareness about the fact that the medication we receive from doctors is to deal with symptoms…they don’t actually cure the cause of the illness…which in my opinion is chakra related 🙂👍🏻

Over the next couple of months I’ll be sharing bits of information with you about each chakra, the physical and emotional signs of blockages as well as lots of different tools that will help you balance your chakras yourself. However, this is not to replace the beautiful healing work of a Reiki Practitioner 👍🏻

Information you can expect about each of the seven Chakras:

  • It’s Location in your body
  • The physical and emotional signs of blockages
  • The healing colour for each Chakra
  • Affirmations to heal your chakra
  • Meditations to heal your chakra
  • Crystals that help your chakras

See ya soon!! 👋🏻

Love, Jessica 🖤