Hiya!!! This morning I have been holding my orange calcite mineral stone during my meditation.

It’s a good one to balance the Sacral Chakra but Golden and Yellow CItrine, Orange Carnelian, Gold/brown Tigers Eye or Spessartine Garnet can also be used for Sacral Chakra Healing/Balancing.

When I worked on the Root chakra, a few weeks ago, I held my crystal in my left hand during meditation and visualised how it’s light came in through my hand.

This morning I laid down and placed my orange calcite on my Sacral Chakra (between navel and pubic bone).

I listen to binaural beats for sacral chakra balancing…using headphones is always best.

When I’m ready I close my eyes and start focusing on my breath being long and slow.

After a few moments I start to imagine, that my orange calcite is glowing and is soaking the entire area underneath my crystal in orange light…I love when I feel a tingle, it makes it so much easier to visualise my sacral chakra spinning in circles.

I then sit in this for a few minutes and when I feel I’m ready, I start saying my sacral chakra affirmations in my head (those that I remember 😅) here are a few for inspiration:

• I am alive, connected and aware

• I embrace pleasure and abundance

• I feel complete peace from within

• I am free from any emotional connection to self-medicate with food

• I create healthy boundaries in my relationships

• I embrace the unfolding flow of change

• My sexuality is vibrant

• I am a sacred being, am worthy of love and desirable to others

• It is my birthright to receive pleasure and have my needs met

• Relationships are a joy

• I attract like-minded people who support and love me

• Sex is a sacred connection

• I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life. I am in touch with my feelings.

When I feel I’m done, I slowly come back by wiggling toes and fingers and open my eyes.

After this short meditation is a perfect moment to lay some tarot or oracle cards for guidance…I find I can fully connect with my cards and have a very powerful reading after a short meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️👌🏻

Love, Jessica xxx



The typical colour used to represent the Sacral Chakra is a warm orange colour and the more you see it the more you balance it 👌🏻

I have recently purchased a few new orange clothes that I’ll be wearing more frequently now to balance my Sacral Chakra 🙂

Another chakra balancing thing I love, love, love doing is having a relaxing shower visualising the colour orange🚿 also called a meditative shower.

For my sacral chakra, I close my eyes and in my minds eye I visualise, that the water that is coming out of the shower-head is orange and as it pours down, it washes through my head draining it in a warm orange colour, and it slowly expands down until reaching and filling my sacral chakra in the hip region of my body…once there I imagine a spinning orange energetic disc in that area and as it spins it fills the rest of my body (legs & arms) with that orange colour and this is when I sit in that imagination and relax for a few more moments. This is so so lovely!! …and to make it a 360 experience, I love listening to binaural beats music at the same time (there are some sacral chakra related ones) 👌🏻 total bliss 😍

Do you like meditative showers?

Love, Jessica xxx