SAAMA Quantum Healing Therapy

SAAMA means Sunrise in Mayan Language and it is a Healing Technique that originates from Spain (Europe), it combines a mixture of different Healing Techniques and was created by Veturián Arana.

I offer SAAMA Distant Healing Sessions to heal repetitive patterns related to Love & Career that you may be experiencing as well as for the treatment of :

Physical Symptoms: Body Aches, Lack of Energy, Heavy Menstruation, Obesity, Headaches & Migraines, Rashes and Itchy Skin, Breathlessness, Not Conceiving, Miscarriages, Acne, Symptoms of Menopause, Grinding your Teeth or clenching your Jaw etc.

Spiritual Symptoms: Feelings of Anger & Hopelessness, Depression and Anxiety, Sleeping Difficulties, Questioning the meaning of Life, Questioning beliefs or sudden doubt in spiritual beliefs, but also any Spiritual Experience or Situation.

Emotional Symptoms: Depression and Anxiety, Irritability, Low Sex Drive, Memory and Concentration Problems, Addiction, Mood Swings, Eating Disorders, Avoiding of social activities, Feeling Emotional, Feeling Overwhelmed, Struggling to get work done etc.

MY GOAL is that you are able to live a nicer life, feel really well again and are free from blockages or trauma that you may have experienced in the past! 🧘🏼‍♀️

SAAMA Fertility and Pregnancy, find out more here.

Here’s my Calendly link to make finding a time for your session easy 🙂👇🏻