Welcome to my SAAMA Booking Page!

I offer SAAMA Distant Healing Sessions for the treatment of Physical Symptoms 🤕 as well as Spiritual and Emotional Symptoms so that you can feel well again and free from blockages or trauma that you may have experienced in the past! 🧘🏼‍♀️

I also help couples during their IVF Treatment and check that there is no thing emotional, physical or spiritual, that is preventing you from conceiving.

SAAMA means Sunrise in Mayan Language and is a Healing Technique that originates from Spain (Europe), it combines a mixture of different Healing Techniques and was created by Veturián Arana.

I have the ability to work with you on many different topics, however I have specialised in treating symptoms and blockages related to:

Love, Fertility, Abundance, Self-Love and other Spiritual Topics

I have helped many in my network feel more light, happy and like they are slowly but surely fulfilling their desires 💖⭐️🙏🏻 and I can’t wait to help you too!!

Book your first SAAMA Healing Session with me by completing below form 👇🏼

Much love and light, Jessica 🌻