“More Myself” Self-Love Challenge

Hey Sweetheart! 💕

My Self-Love Journey began in 2012…it was like a scene of Brigit Jones 😅

A NYE-Party for one, I was hurt about being on my own…but I followed my intuition and got up to buy some food…well you couldn’t call what I bought food, as it was mostly ice cream, chocolate, crisps and some wine too.

I remembered I had a Tarot Deck, that I could ask for guidance…I was single, felt lonely and wanted to know what I could do to make myself feel better…

I looked through the little booklet that came with it and started to lay my own cards.

I found it amazing and fell in love with the magic, that I was experiencing and I also asked for guidance on the situation I found myself in.

The funny thing for me now, when looking back at my own journey, is that all cards over the years took me to one big topic…


The cards advised me to improve the quality of my own thoughts, remove limiting beliefs, find my purpose, find more alignment in life and connect with my own intuition.

BUT I didn’t quite know how and what that all meant or where how to get started etc. – So my Self-Love Journey began…

I learned so much over the last 6 years and developed myself further in a way that enabled me to create this life-changing self-love challenge, that includes the most powerful topics, prompts, rituals and exercises, that help other women or those who identify as that, get started on their own self-love journey too or build onto their current level of self-worth to improve their lives.

The “More Myself” Challenge will help you:

✨ Increase your confidence

✨ Embrace who you are

✨ Find your purpose in Life

✨ Be more aware of your feelings & emotions

✨ Discover your values and how to set boundaries in healthy ways

✨ Forgiving yourself & others, so you can enjoy every present moment

✨ Set up a daily practise, that you can follow, when the challenge has come to an end✨🙌🏻

How does it work?

In my challenge, you’ll do daily self-love exercises (including journal prompts & short meditations) for 10-45min daily over 11 days at £7/$10 a day.

This is all done online and can be done from any time zone 🌍 in your own time.


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