“More Myself” Self-Love Challenge

Hey Sweetheart! 💕

The “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge will help you:

✨ Increase your confidence

✨ Embrace who you are

✨ Find your purpose in Life

✨ Be more aware of your feelings & emotions

✨ Discover your values and how to set boundaries in healthy ways

✨ Forgiving yourself & others, so you can enjoy every present moment

✨ Set up a daily practise, that you can follow, when the challenge has come to an end✨🙌🏻

How does it work?

On the challenge, you’ll do daily self-love exercises (including journal prompts & short meditations) for 10-45min daily over 11 days at £7/$10 a day.

This is all done online and can be done from any time zone 🌍 in your own time.


If there isn’t a date available right now, please email hello@jessicafromtheheart.co.uk to join the other ladies on the waitlist 💕

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