Starseed – Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Hey Sweetheart 👋🏽 😊

I’m Jessica…you may have come across my Pick A Card Readings on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, where I share generic Pick A Card Readings for the Collective 🌻⭐️⚡️

This is your Opportunity to receive a Private Card Reading, which is based on your Personal Energy⚡️ and brings you sacred messages from the Lemurian Starseeds or also known as the Children of Lemuria about:

🌈 Your Life Purpose
🌈 Your Inner Child Dreams
🌈 Your Natural Talents, Abilities, Gifts
🌈 Insights as to how you Manifest best
🌈 You will also receive General Galactic Guidance
🌈 Anything else that I feel drawn to based on this reading

Card Readings are £77, book your session below and switch that Kettle on! 😜

I am currently fully booked, however you can complete below form to get on the waitlist:

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