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Hey Sweetheart 👋🏽 😊

I’m Jessica…you may have come across my page on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, where I share generic Pick A Card Readings and other Spiritual Content…it’s so great to find you here on my website too. 🌻⭐️⚡️

This is your Opportunity to receive a private Card Reading related to your Career, which is based on your Personal Energy⚡️

This Career reading relates to your current occupation and how you can improve the present situation, how you can work towards fulfilling your core desires and live a soul led life you enjoy 💖

I choose a mixture of Tarot and Oracle Card Decks, as well as Affirmation and Activation cards intuitively from my collection of over 80 different card decks to provide a truly unique experience for you and obtain the following insight for you:

✨ Past Energy of your Career
✨ Present Energy of your Career
✨ Future Energy of your Career
✨ What do I need “to know” about my Career
✨ What do I need “to do” to improve my Career
✨ What do I need “to let go of” to improve the current situation related to my Career
✨ An Affirmation I should use often, that will improve my Career

Card Readings are £77, book your session below and switch that Kettle on! 😜

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