Twin Flame – Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Hey gorgeous! 😍

This is a very special reading containing Messages related to your Twin-Flame…you will receive exactly what you need to know right now and which will help you on your personal twin flame journey.

I’m so excited to be able to help you and create this special reading for you, using different card decks, which I pick intuitively from the 70-80 card decks I own, to provide you with a card reading that applies to your unique twin flame situation.

💗 Past Energy of your Twin Flame Situation
💗 Present Energy of your Twin Flame Situation
💗 Future Energy of your Twin Flame Situation
💗 What do I need “to know” about my Twin Flame Story
💗 What do I need “to do” to bring me closer to my Twin Flame
💗 What do I need “to let go of” to improve the current situation related to my Twin Flame
💗 An Affirmation I should use often, that will improve the current situation


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