New Moon Wishing Guide – Manifest your Desires with the Power of the New Moon

Hey Sweetheart!! 😍


▫️ A Glass of water (to keep hydrated ☺️)

▫️ Your notepad and a pen

▫️ 30-60 minutes, in which you won’t be interrupted.

▫️ This Ritual should be done at the peak of the New Moon, however if you’ve just missed it, do this ritual anyway, as the Universe is always there to pick up your desires

▫️ I’ve created New Moon Wishing Worksheets that are designed to be used for this Ritual – You can also hang them into your room, as a reminder to use your Affirmations afterwards! 😉


When starting to get ready for your ritual, set the intention, of designing your future life, based on your core values and desires.


You may want to play some lovely music in the background, light a candle, burn incense or use an essential spray etc. whichever you prefer or nothing at all…it’s very important you feel 100% comfortable and able to relax and if this means not lighting a candle, thats perfect too…enjoy this moment as much as possible. 💖


To begin manifesting, you’ll need to be very clear about what you want. The more detailed your wishes are, the better and more powerful you’re able to make your visualisation in this wishing ritual.

If you’re feeling anything like me in 2016, I had the flexibility to re-discover myself but the thing was, I didn’t actually know what that was or even what I enjoyed anymore, as I had just become a mum and looked after everyone else and simply lost my sense of identity.

Today is the 11th of April 2021 and I realise how much I’ve evolved and learned since then, including how I can manipulate my own thoughts, to enable me to figure out what I enjoy or how I want to feel and what I want for my future and now it’s your turn.

Let’s get started with this List of 11 Wishes:

Sometimes, in order to know what you want, it helps to think about what you don’t want to experience first 😉

When you have established what you don’t want, you can flip it into a wish (see example below) and add it to your wish list.

For example: I don’t want to loose my home, or run out of money/food etc.

So your wish could be:

“I wish for a beautiful home that gives me comfort. I wish for a solid stream of income to pay for everything I need and more”

Continue writing all your “don’t wants” into your notepad and convert them into wishes, like in the above example, then add these to your worksheet.

For you to be able to choose what you want for your future, you could think about those people in your life, that you look up to..what is it that they have, that you would like to have too?

…if you catch yourself being jealous of others, don’t beat yourself up, simply send them love, they are deserving of what they have and you are deserving of that too…use these feelings to your advantage by using them as a guide to manifest your own individual goals too.

Look at your complete network of people, including family, friends, clients, colleagues but also the people you follow on social media (although we know, that we only see what we’re meant to see on social media don’t we 😉)…is there anything they have that you want to have too?


I’m envious of people, who have a successful online business, that allows them to be very flexible as to were they live in the world and that provides them with a great income for what they need and more…so write into your notepad:

“I wish to have a successful business that … etc.”

Lastly look back at positive experiences from the past, who were you with, what did you do?

I have really fond memories from past holidays, one of them when my husband and I travelled to Barbados and got married spontaneously during our holidays 😆 So I’m wishing for lots of holidays every year, including weekends away and to travel overseas too.

Write the experiences that you enjoyed in the past into your notepad and create wishes accordingly.

By now you probably have a long list of wishes to hand, which is amazing!
Take 11 of these wishes and write them into your worksheets. Decide what you can commit to doing in order to make your wishes come true.


In the previous steps you’ve already been visualising your future to an extend but now we are going to take it to the next level.

Have your wish-list to hand and start reading your wishes… give each wish some time to reflect on it.

As you read your example, close your eyes and feel into how it would feel to enjoy your wish right now, as if it was already in your life right now…how would you feel?

Here is my visualisation as an example, to give you an idea…As I feel into my wish & future life, in which my family and I have a personal chef in our dream home (Kardashian Style)….I find myself meditating in my minds eye, feeling relaxed and very content with life in general, suddenly I notice a beautiful smell lingering in the air…it comes from the kitchen. I hear my chef singing beautiful mantras, whilst listening to the most beautiful binaural beats as she finishes cooking my families lunch…suddenly I hear her say: Lunch is ready…I take a few more moments and walk into my dining room where my family is already sitting and enjoying the beautiful views of the ocean and mountains…in that moment our chef is bringing our meals and we have a wonderful meal together as a family enjoying life, Kardashian Style…! 😂


After spending some time visualising each wish and feeling into it, as if it was already your reality, create positive affirmations that support your wishes…for above visualisation it could be for example:

✨ I enjoy hearing my chef prepare a delicious and healthy meal from the heart in my kitchen for me and my family.

✨ My family and me enjoy being cooked for

✨ I enjoy sitting with my family at my dining room table, enjoying the beautiful views and having m nourishing and healthy vegan meals cooked by our own personal chef.

Try to spend as much time creating these affirmations as you can, as the effectiveness will become more and more powerful for your wishes then write them into the available worksheets, which you can hang into your home as a reminder to repeat your affirmations.


Look at your wish-list and contemplate what step you can already plan to do now, which will support you to get a little closer to manifesting your wishes and write these into the “Next Steps” section of the worksheets.

If one of your wishes is to receive payments of £5000 on a monthly basis, to pay for everything you need and more…

…What could be your next goal, that will help get you to this point?

Ask yourself in your mind or outloud….then become aware of what comes to mind.

Consider if there is anything you could do in your job, or add to your life, that would generate another stream of income, or do you have a hobby that you could monetise?


When you establish the energy of gratitude within you, for things that are important to you, you create the opportunity for it to duplicate and to attract more of these into your life.

So let’s think of everything you are grateful for right now, go through every area of your life and write onto the last page of the worksheets…feel your energy expand, as you write it all down.


When you are attached to your wishes and really want them to manifest, you create some sort of block subconsciously, that will make it very difficult for your wishes to come true…so grab your wish list and burn it safely to release the energy into the universe, as you burn it..visualise the magical energy flying into the universe and say below detachment prayer out-loud, it’s a slightly adapted version of Gabby Bernstein’s detachment prayer:

“I surrender my attachment to my wishes, and I allow the Universe to show me where to go and what to do to manifest them.”

Have you enjoyed this Ritual? – Then check out my “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge.


Full Moon In Libra Self-Love Forgiveness Ritual

Hey Sweetheart!! 😍

Listen to below voice note first 💛✨🌻

🌕 Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Ritual 🌕

For this Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Ritual, plan 30-60min for yourself during the Full Moon, in which you won’t be interrupted 💜

Moon Times:

London: 28th March 19:48

Berlin: 28th March 20:48

Sydney: 29th March 5:48

Los Angeles: 28th March 1:48

New York: 28th March 14:48

Here is what you’ll need:

A Glass of water (to keep hydrated ☺️), your notepad and a pen!



When starting to get ready for your ritual, set the intention to forgive others and heal yourself.


You may want to light a candle, burn incense or use an essential spray etc. which ever you prefer or nothing at all, it’s very important you feel 100% comfortable and able to relax to enjoy this moment as much as possible.


In your notepad, write everything down that you feel you need to forgive others for. 

This can sometimes be a very challenging thing to do but the reason why forgiving others for past mistakes is so important, is because when we hold on to hurt, pain, resentment, and anger it harms us far more than it harms the offender and it impacts our own growth and happiness.

Forgiveness also helps you live more in the present and claim back your own power 💥

…and even if you are someone who just doesn’t want to talk or think about it anymore or want to just ignore that it has happened, unless you do forgiveness work the energy of your experience will always be stored in your body and come up again over and over in patterns…so lets get rid of it now durning this special time, where the energies of the planets are aligned in a way that is wonderful for this kind of work.

Go as far back, as you remember…when I started to forgive others I started in my childhood…the goal here is to try remember anything that has upset you up until this moment in your life.


Forgiveness Prayer 👉🏽  I’M SORRY – I LOVE YOU – I FORGIVE YOU – THANK YOU

Say the Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer out-loud for each item on your list, for example:

Say what you need to forgive and then continue with the forgiveness prayer –  I’M SORRY – I LOVE YOU – I FORGIVE YOU – THANK YOU


As you say the Forgiveness Prayer, visualise or feel the heavy weight or dense energy of the anger, sadness, pain etc. leaving your body and then visualise and feel your body lifting and your power returning – this could be experienced as feeling lighter in your body ⚡️⚡️


Now putting your arms around you in a hug…allow yourself to feel into the energy of love 💗


The next step is to be aware with intention about how you’re feeling…Things you might notice after doing this Forgiveness Ritual is feeling much more calm, happy and lighter. – You certainly deserve it 🌸

Much love, Jessica 🌻 xoxoxox

Our 11 Day “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge starts again on the 1st of April

✨ It helps you get to know yourself better and you’ll find yourself thinking more positively 🙂
✨ It helps removing any limiting beliefs and develop those areas in your life, that truly bring you joy and happiness.
✨ It can help you move on from traumatic or upsetting experiences from the past, so you can be more present.

So how does it work?

✨ Exercises are provided via email
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New Moon Wishing Guide – Manifest your Desires with the Power of the New Moon
This is a Guide that helps you manifest your desires with power …
Gosh I love the person I used to be but OMG, I …


Gosh I love the person I used to be but OMG, I used to be so indecisive & I relied on those around me so much when I wanted to take decisions. It even caused me anxiety when I had to make a quick decision & I couldn’t get hold of them 🙈☺️ so I totally get it, when someone feel like this.

What happens with this kind of behaviour though, is that one lives one’s life based on what others think one should do BUT it’s your precious life & it really makes no sense planning your life & goals based on what you think others will like or expect from you 💜 …it’s like having a dream & driving away from it. It just doesn’t make sense!

Nowadays, when I really don’t know what to do, because it does happen….I have three approaches 🖤

  1. I consult my cards, which always guide me in the right direction & which is in line with my core values too 🙏🏻🖤 …this is magical ✨
  2. …when I don’t have my cards, I use journal prompts like this one, that puts things into perspective for me and provides clarity…you know what?!…I’ve come to the conclusion that we ALWAYS already have what we think we need 😅
  3. …at the same time I connect with my higher self for guidance (through SAAMA) where I reserve yes/no answers to my questions (without my mind interfering) this really is the cherry on the ice cake 🍰 ) ❤️ it truly has changed everything for me 🌻🙏🏻

The “More Myself” Coaching Program is designed to help you feel more empowered, self-sufficient without the need to rely so much on others…it’s starting again on the 1st of April!!!!

Yayyyyy, I’m so excited…because I have already witnessed so many changes in those who’ve done the program & I can’t wait to see your transformation too ❤️🙏🏻🌻

…it’s not about changing who you are, more about embracing & feeling into who you are, what you value, enjoy etc. This work feels so fulfilling to me 🤍

What do you think? Like & Save this post for later 💖

Jessica xoxoxo

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Ho’oponopono Guided Forgivenesss Meditation • Part of The 11 Day “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge

Hey sweetheart! Welcome! 😍

Today I’m sharing this Guided Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation, which I created so you have a sacred space in which you are able to let go of negative energy relating to events from the past.

It will help you move on, by forgiving yourself and also someone else you need to forgive too, who you hold some sort of grudge or negative feelings for in your body 🙏🏻

If you’ve never done any kind of forgiveness work before, you’ll notice that this is a very powerful experience on your Self-Love Journey 🌻

👉🏻 This meditation is part of my 11 Day Self-Love Challenge, which I started working on almost 5 years ago. This is when I stepped into motherhood and had time to re-discover myself 🧘🏾‍♀️

In that time I noticed, that the quality of my thoughts were quite negative, specially related to my abilities and I also struggled, when it came to decision making 😅 …that’s when I grabbed my old tarot deck and learned how to live my life based on my intuition and not based on the expectations I thought others would have for me. ( Does this make sense 😅)

So I went on a life-changing self-love journey, took part in as many self-love courses, exercises, meditations as I could and over the course of almost 5 years I noticed that I had become a huge impact on others around me on that topic too 🌻✨

So I have put all my knowledge into easy and fun Self-Love Challenges, that help women find and develop those areas in life that truly make you happy, release any unwanted energy you hold within from negative experiences of the past, realign your thoughts and increase positive mind chatter, so that things in life flow more organically and are aligned to your desires and values ❤️✨

More Information and to book a space on our 11 Day “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge here.

Much Light, Jessica xoxoxox

Wearing headphones provides the best meditation experience 💞 Remember to like this video and subscribe on YouTube 🥰

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Hey Sweetheart 😍 ….Are you ignoring or struggling to notice your intuitive nudges?

I get it, because I used to do this…I used to live my life based on what I thought my family and friends expect from me…but I realised this means, you’re living someone else’s idea of life and not yours!

It means you’re ignoring what you want to do…what you like and you know, one can get used to it and live their whole life like it, without even noticing…

The focus in my 11 Day “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge is to help you:

✨Focus and develop those areas in life, that truly make you happy;

✨Strengthen your connection to your heart and intuition, so you feel into your decisions before making a move

✨Bring more alignment to your Life, so things flow more organically and you do things more purposefully

✨ Reduce negative mind chatter & limiting beliefs


More details:

  • Exercises provided via email
  • Takes 10-50min daily
  • Support in private group chat
  • Small groups of 10 Ladies
  • £17 / $23 (for limited time only)

I don’t help everyone though, this challenge is for women in business, as well as mothers only because I help them best 💖

Jessica xoxoxo

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