Have we met yet? Hello, I’m Jessica, your Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Healer and Self-Love Coach!

During my maternity leave with my son Leo from 2016-2019 I was longing to start a business, that was purposeful to me, so I could be more independent but I didn’t have the answers to get started, so I felt drawn to grab my very old tarot deck, which I bought in my 20’s and started to use it to receive guidance on the questions I couldn’t answer at that time.

It was such a special journey actually…full of insight and growth and I got to know myself again and little did I know that my little business started to form without me even realising! 😅

In that time I:
▫️Developed my Psychic Abilities
▫️I studied SAAMA Quantum Healing Therapy and became a certified SAAMA Therapist
▫️I got qualified in Usui & Angelic Reiki
▫️I build a very strong connection with my Spirit Team and made it my mission to help women:

👉🏻Find their true essence! The essence they might be hiding, because they are expected to “fit in”
👉🏻 Re-align their thoughts and reduce negative mind chatter
👉🏻 Buy what they desire for themselves without feeling guilty
👉🏻Remember how special they are, leaving them feeling empowered
👉🏻Become more aware and help reduce limiting beliefs they have subconsciously
👉🏻Focus and develop those areas in life, that truly make them happy
👉🏻 Receive guidance on their most desired questions related to Love, Career and their Spiritual Journey
👉🏻 Receive guidance on their next possible career move and give insights related to their life purpose
👉🏻 Receive guidance on their current or future romantic relationships
👉🏻 Receive guidance on their Spiritual path
👉🏻 Find the root cause and heal their repeating patterns
👉🏻 Receive guidance and heal what is causing them a spiritual, emotional or physical discomfort

And here I am, half way into February and fully booked!

Tell me about yourself, can you resonate?

Jessica xoxox

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