Hey Love!

Here is a new Timeless Pick A Card Reading containing a message for you, as well as an inspiration card and giving you guidance on what you can let go of so you feel better ❤️🙏🏻

To begin this card reading, take a moment to relax your body and mind. Then when you feel calm, ask:

✨What’s my message? Which pile is for me?✨

See which pile you feel pulled to…usually the first one you feel drawn to is the one for you 💖

Find your reading below 🌻

Hello my lovely! You’ve got the adventures card. I feel your timeless message is to close your eyes, release the fear you might be experiencing and fly. This could be a fear of being seen, you may not like being in the spotlight? I also feel you are called to enjoy the present moment, and allow yourself to stop and enjoy the beautiful things that surround you…once you notice the beauty that is around you, it will lift you up and make you feel so much better 💛
“Dress yourself with reverence, bow to the infinitive within you and radiate it.”
I feel the questions to ask yourself here are: “Who are you on a soul level? And “Who were you when you where little?”
What do you feel would that little person wear day to day or how would he/she be like? I feel this card is calling you to recognise and embrace your beautiful soul and share it with the world 🌸
“A river of love flows through you when you let go.” When you read this affirmation, what do you feel? Could it be related to a fear of being in the spotlight? What do you feel you could do which would help you feel more confident and ready to face new challenges in life 💖

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Hey sweetheart! 😍 I feel your timeless message is to grab that peach and enjoy it! This card is all about fulfilment and this feels like you are about to or have already reached a level of abundance, in which you can simply enjoy the fruits of your hard work…this can apply to your career, love life and other relationships…what ever it is, you have the right to enjoy it 🌻 Go for it and and fulfil all your desires…try to feel 100% worthy of it…because it is your birthright to fulfil your desires and needs without approval of others 🌸
“As you must serve everything you create, it’s a good idea to do so with love and integrity”
This card feels like an inspiration to do everything from a point of love…also if you would like more love and appreciation to give that energy out to others too.
“Reach, stretch, breathe, believe. What can you let go of to feel maximum joy?”
This is an awesome card!!! So helpful for personal development…this card is a reminder, to focus on what makes you feel good. If something feels dense and like it’s not fulfilling you, try to let go of that, so you can feel better…feeling low is as important as feeling happy, relaxed, motivated etc…BALANCE is what I feel you should aim for 🌻

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Hey sweetheart! I feel your timeless message is that change (if not experienced at the moment) is near! The balloon with the horse hanging from it is constantly floating from one scenery to another and this might indicate a change of homes, jobs, relationships…regardless what it is…I feel this is a positive change full of miracles 🌸🙏🏻
“The most wonderful gift you can give is you being you – your beautiful, true self.”
Awwww auch a wonderful card!!! When you realise that the way you are is beautiful and perfect, that’s when the magic happens. Remember, there is no such thing as competition…because there is no one quite like you so try to focus on who you are for a while and try to bring those qualities out. When you do this, you will notice how you attract more of those things to your life that match your energy leaving you feel more in alignment 💖
“Let go of all aversions. Meet every challenge and flow with life.” In the end, it is what it is…all you can do is take things for what they are and work through it…try not to avoid challenges you are called to experience in this lifetime 🌻

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Hey lovely!! 😍🌻 I feel your timeless message is to believe in the wonders and magic that surrounds you…you might be feeling desperate for a miracle or you are in the middle of experiencing it right now…regardless, I feel you are called to have faith in miracles, believe in positive outcomes and try to find the positive and magical side in every situation 💖🌻 when you put this energy out it comes back to you 🙏🏻✨
“It’s your birthright to explore your creative path and be happy your entire life.” I feel this card is a calling to explore your creative side. Could it be that you’ve been focused on other things, and put your own desires or needs on the back burner? I feel you are called to free up some time to let your creative juices flow 🙂✨ enjoy!! 🌻
“Fragrant are the flowers that bloom when you smile and let go.” Yeah 💪🏻 how lovely! What do you think you’ll need to let go off so you can bloom? 🌸💖

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