Hello my lovely,

This is a timeless Pick-A-Card Reading containing a message that you need to know whenever you stumble across my post.

To begin this reading close your eyes, take a few conscious breaths…do this until you feel relaxed and ready…then ask in your mind or out loud: “What do my Spirit Guides want me to know?” Pile 1, 2 or 3? You might feel drawn to a specific crystal (or shell) usually the first one you feel drawn to is the one for you 🌸 really be open to what comes to mind without overthinking the outcome 👍🏻

When you’ve picked your deck, comment the number below and I’ll reply with your reading 🙌🏻

Much love, Jessica 🌷


Hey lovely!

When feeling into the energy of these two cards I feel like your guides really would like you to increase the level of your energy because they would love to build a stronger connection with you, so you can get more signs, messages and general guidance from them on a daily basis…!

For this it would be a wonderful time right now, remembering what you used to love doing when you were a little girl or boy…what activities did give you pleasure?

Really try to do exactly those things and see what happens when your energy rises closer to that energy level of your guides…it will be absolutely magical 🌸💛

I send you much love, Jessica 🥰


Hello lovely!

With these two cards I feel your guides message is to really value your family…wether they add negativity or positivity to your life right now, see everything as a blessing and opportunity to get to know yourself better and evolve within your own spiritual path…

Even more so if this might feel challenging for you to know, it’s exactly what you need to do, so try to spend more time with your family and appreciate everything regardless 🙏🏻🥰

There is always a lesson and those around you incarnated and are in your life exactly because they need to teach you things you are here to learn! Go with the flow and try to love all the things you learn by observing what others say to you 🌷🙌🏻😆

Much love, Jessica 🥰


Hello lovely!

When feeling into the energy of these cards I feel like your guides message is related to something creative that you do or or have an interest in…it’s time to acknowledge your fears and really taking going for it…you won’t be alone because your guides are protecting you at every step of this journey.

Wether it’s playing an instrument, dancing, singing, painting or any other creative activity you have an interest in but haven’t proceeded due to being fearful 👉🏻 TAKE THE RISK AND HAVE FUN 🌸🌷

Much love, Jessica 🥰

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