Hey beautiful soul! This is a pick-a card reading containing a mini prediction, affirmations and motivational guidance for January 2020 👌🏻🥰

To begin this Pick-A-Card Reading close your eyes..call in your guides (if you want) for this reading now and focus on your natural breath…when you breathe out, visualise any tensions you feel in your body being released with it 🙌🏻 and when you feel relaxed, ask in your mind or out loud:

What’s my January prediction? Which pile is for me? Pile one, two, three or four?

Be mindful of what comes to mind…you might see a number or the pile in your mind, you might hear yourself thinking a number or you might feel drawn towards a certain pile/number…the first number/pile you feel drawn to is usually the one for you 💛 if nothing has come to mind (which would be normal) repeat the process but with your eyes open but try to feel into which pile might be for you rather than overthinking or choosing with your eyes 🌸⭐️

When you’ve picked your pile, find your reading in the comments below 😘

Much love, Jessica ❤️🥰

Hey lovely 🌺😍 the energy of January for you is represented by the “Two of Swords”

In reverse, it’s a card that symbolises internal conflict, tension, and self-deceit. Your main task in January is to devote yourself to truth in order to change situations. Archangel Michael loves you and wants to serve you in the month of January to bring you the Key of Light, which allows you to free yourself from any prison or enslavement – physical, emotional, or psychological.

This is a message for you to trust in your own ability to triumph. You are the key to success. You must believe in yourself! (I do!!) you don’t have to force a door to open. In perfect time, according to divine grace, all doors will open for you 💙

When you feel trapped, say: I call upon Archangel a Michael and the alley of alight. I give thanks for the divine gift of liberation from any restraining circumstance. I give thanks for the opportunity to completely close any door I choose and open any door I choose for the highest good of all. Through my own free will and the unconditionally loving guides that serve human evolution, so be it.

You’ve been given the following affirmations for January:

• I understand that losing something is an opportunity to appreciate it.

• I have many gifts, no problem can withstand the power of my mind.

• With patience I can reach my mountaintop.

• I never give up and good luck will follow!

Much Love, Jessica 🤍⭐️

Hey beautiful ⭐️🌈 for you the overall energy of January is the energy of “The Star” 🙌🏻👌🏻 it represents a beautiful and transcendent openness that results from true illumination. It’s the happy resolution of a situation in which you felt or were stuck.

The star contains the potential for wholeness, lasting healing and completion of detrimental cycles. You can be so proud but still stay calm and hopeful! Good things are coming your way ⭐️🌹 trust in an unfolding higher plan…know that all changes in your life serve your higher good. All is happening for a greater purpose. You can flow with the changes in loving trust.

You’ve been given the following affirmations for January:

• I am attracted to those people who serve my higher good

• I am the creator and magician.

• I use my gifts for good.

• There is power in my wisdom and words. I connect with the elemental spirits and glide through the void.

• Like the Raven, I claim my place as Keeper of the Mysteries!

Much Love, Jessica 💛☀️🌼

Hi sweetheart! 👋🏻😊 so the overall energy of January for you is represented by the “Eight of Wands” which represents speed, accuracy and aim. It’s like you’re an arrow shot expertly toward its target…you’ll swiftly approach all you hope for so strongly, and anything you attempt at this time is bound to be efficient, successful and exciting!

Try to use this energy for actualisation and action. You are being asked to trust in what you see, sense and feel about your vision for your life path and divine purpose, specially in January.

Even if you are not clear, trust that it is coming to you with loving divine timing. Be open-minded and listen for what makes your heart sing 🥰❤️

You’ve been given the following affirmations for January:

• I use my intuition on all aspects of life.

• I dare to do things differently.

• I manifest my travel dreams.

• I attempt the great journey with confidence.

• I am loyal.

• Friends and family are my treasures.

• I am brave.

• I am powerful 🌷🌷🌷

Much Love, Jessica 😘😘

Hey lovely! 😍 So you’ve got “The Sun” as the overall energy in January! The sun symbolises happiness, freedom, success! It’s a carefree energy…and I feel you’ll be confidently walking your path to enlightenment and feel the focus and clarity to fully achieve your dreams.

Work on having having optimistic thoughts only and be unafraid to share what you’ve learned with others! The wisdom of the divine feminine brings the message: you are in a process of becoming more of heaven on Earth 🥰 trust the path by seeing the silver lining in everything…there is joy in the eventual freedom but the act of breaking through can feel painful at times.

You’ve been given the following affirmations for January:

• I love myself, and I see myself in everyone!

• I choose to be happy.

• Today, I will love without condition.

• My energy and enthusiasm are an inspiration to others.

• I am a protector and friend.

Much love, Jessica ❤️⭐️

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