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Hey sweetheart! 👋🏻👋🏻😍

Get I felt guided to do a fresh and timeless pick a pile reading this morning, containing a message for you…so here we are:

To start this pick a pile reading and in order for you to pick the right pile, you’ll need to fully relax your body and mind for a moment, so you are more aware of your own intuition.

If you would like to work with your guides, ask them to join you for this reading now 👍🏻

Let’s begin by closing your eyes for a moment and focus on your natural breath…really take a moment here for you to disconnect from any tensions you may be feeling in your body…when you feel relaxed and ready to pick a pile, ask in your mind or out loud:

“What’s my message? What do I need to know? Which pile will help me move forward for the highest good of all?”

It might come to you in form of numbers or you might see or feel the words “first, second, third, fourth etc”…..or “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6”…the options are endless! It could even be the image of the corresponding crystal in your mind 👍🏻🌸 Be conscious of anything that might pop up in your surroundings too.

If nothing came to you yet, open your eyes and repeat the process again but with your eyes open and looking at the picture.

The pile you are first drawn to, is usually the one for you.

If you’d like a reading, that is more tailored to you, contact me by completing a short form… complete the form here 👍🏻 much love, Jessica 🦋💖🙏🏻

Much love, Jessica 🦋💖🙏🏻

The reveal:


Number 1 – Clear Quartz

Hey sweetheart! 👋🏻 😍 the lovers in reverse card signifies, that some sort of struggle in love lays ahead…I feel in this instance though that it’s due to some sort of confusion and indecision…if you don’t have a partner, I feel this is related to something in your personality, which keeps you from experiencing self-love…sometimes the mind becomes clouded by overwhelming stress. In a world of information overload, it’s important to take time out, slow down and clear the mind.

However, if you are in a relationship or not, with reduced mind clutter you’ll have more energy and clarity of mind…it will help you deal with challenges, remain calm and keep you at your all-time best. 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 One of the things that don’t cost anything and you can do, wherever you are, is taking a MENTAL CLARITY POWER WALK! 👌🏻👌🏻

HOW TO DO A MENTAL CLARITY POWER WALK: Select a nice park or neighbourhood…begin walking at a brisk pace. When you’ve worked up a fast walking rhythm, focus on your breathing and try matching your breathing to your steps, for example inhale deeply for four steps and then exhale deeply for four steps…match the speed to what is easy for you to manage…allow your mind to focus on your breathing whilst walking…if your mind wanders, count the number of steps out loud. This will bring you back to a state of focus. Continue breathing in time with your steps until you’ve completed your walk. If walking is not an option, I’d do a guided meditation that aids clarity online ❤️❤️

Much love on this beautiful Tuesday, Jessica 😘


Hi sweetheart 👋🏻👋🏻 🙂 the energy of this card combination feels a little stuck or blocked to me with regards to your creative expression.

It also represents impotence, infertility, poverty, repressed truth…and with these blockages it is difficult to achieve the abundance that the empress wants to offer you.

The aura card to me means that for you specifically an AURA CLEANSE will help release some of these blockages 🙌🏻🙌🏻 and I can now see a spiritual bath in my minds eye…one of those beautiful ones you often see on Pinterest 😂 with crystals and flowers 😍💛 but less is often more… here is what you’ll need for your Aura Cleansing Bath:

1 Cup of Sea or Epsom Salts, Lavender Essential Oil, 1 white Candle in a safe candleholder 🕯 this is so so simple and yet so powerful!! …and on top of it, it will make your skin healthy and glow! ✨✨

When you create your bath, it’s important to say (or think) an intention, for example: “I’m creating this bath ritual to cleanse my aura” …

Then sprinkle the salt into your running bath water. Add a few drops of essential oils (I personally use 11 or 7..or I do it intuitively and look for a message)…then light the candle and soak for at least 20min.

While relaxing, visualise that you’re breathing in white golden light, filling your whole body and chasing away any tensions, fear, anger and sadness.

When you have finished and got out of the water…visualise a dark cloud in the water swirling down the drain…you can even say:


…don’t forget to blow out the candle 👍🏻

Much love, Jessica 😘


No 3 Hematite

Hello beautiful! 😍🌸 …Have you maybe been a little too isolated lately?

Sometimes, this alone time starts out healthy and then turns out toxic, as with moments after betrayal, crisis, or breakup.

To ensure things remain productive, embrace this shadow time as a temporary thing that will lead to growth, rather than seeing it as a moment to inhabit for eternity.

With regards to the meditation card I feel it’s exactly what will help you heal and give you the power you need to go on that transformation path!

Meditation is not just a journey but a shedding of worry and stress. I have a little water meditation here for you…you’ll need:

1 clear glass of drinking water and the sound of running water such as rain, a stream, an ocean or fountain which can be real or recorded. Then sit comfortably with your glass of water, listening to the calming sounds of the running water.

Let all tensions flow down to earth…gaze at the glass of water, reflecting upon its many uses and it vitality to life itself.

Be grateful for the water as you take a drink. Experience the feel of the water moving through you like a fresh, clear river.

As the water runs through you, envision that everywhere it flows within, it cleanses and heals, bringing you clarity of mind and inner peace.

Take as long as you wish in this water meditation, drinking all of the water during the course of the meditation or at the end.

Hope you’ll enjoy this 🧘🏼‍♀️ …Lots of love, Jessica 😘


No 4 – Amethyst

Hello my lovely! 👋🏻😍🌸 ..okay so when I feel into the energy of these two cards I feel some sort of stagnation…

The star in reverse stands also for a waste of time in general, loss of self-respect and also a loss of intuitive potential.

I feel you’ve got so much beauty, lots of ability inside of you too but you may be shutting yourself down to the potential of happiness…and therefore you also shut yourself down to progress and growth of your abilities.

When we vibrate high (because we are happy) the more power we have …and it’s all on your fingertips, you just have to grab it and allow yourself to experience it.

Here is a little exercise you can do:

Grab an orange candle in a safe candle holder and also a black candle in a safe candle holder.

Sit in a relaxing space and light both candles. Gaze at the black candle and visualise any unhappiness being absorbed by its flame.

Now, gaze at the orange candle, and focus on what makes you happy. Count your blessings, and be grateful for all you have.

As the black candle continues to burn, it draws all stress, sadness, and anger away from you, extinguishing all negativity in its protective and cleansing flame.

As the orange candle continues to burn, feel yourself absorbing peace and happiness from its powerful and healing flame.

When you feel better, extinguish the candles.

You can repeat this as needed my darling! 💖😘😘 Much love, Jessica 🌸🌷


No 5 – Citrine

Hello gorgeous soul! 👋🏻🥰 …could it be that you are spending more time in the future, mapping out any worries that could arise, by you taking a leap of faith and breaking free?

As I’m feeling into the luck card, I feel that putting together a plan is exactly what will help you at this stage and which will make you feel more confident and able to see what you will gain by breaking free…it’s so easy to see the worrying images in your head but what if it could be the total reverse and turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself?

Here is something that you are meant to try, which will help you on your journey and give you so much power:

Sit somewhere quiet and sit comfortably. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Envision a soft, green aura around your body, expanding and strengthening with each breath.

Allow every cell of your body to be filled with good luck and good fortune.

Know that you will always carry the aura of luck with you and that everything you need is within reach.

By believing that this aura of luck is now a permanent part of you, you will continue to attract everything you need.

I send you so much love sweetheart 💖🙏🏻 Much love, Jessica 😘😘


No 6 – White Agate

Hello my beautiful! 👋🏻💖…I feel like you might be feeling lost at this present time, devastated, unhappy and that you might be experiencing a lack of self-control to temptation and the resurfacing of your inner demons…HOWEVER please don’t worry about this card.

I feel you have so much light and power inside of you that will help you get out of this situation..I feel that you’ll be able to see the light of the end of the tunnel by working towards relaxing your body…analyse your emotions without judgement and try to improve your connection with your inner wise person…it’s that voice, or that nudge that makes you feel good and has only loving guidance for you 🌸

By connecting with your inner wise person you also improve your connection with the divine, which will help you so much too…and here is something that might help you improve that connection with your higher-self:

You’ll need 1 white candle, 1 purple candle, 1 glass bowl, incense (preferably an earthy scent

Fill the bowl halfway with water and find a quiet spot for you to sit.

Light the candles and incense. Position the candles by the bowl, so that their light is reflected in the water.

Relax and focus your attention on the bottom of the bowl, breathing in gently the scent of the incense.

Chant softly: Oceans, Rivers, Psychic streams, send me visions outside of dreams.

At this point you might receive images from your inner wise person in the water or see pictures in your mind. Not only will this provide a moment for you to receive guidance, this exercise will also improve your ability to work with your intuition.

I hope this helps, I send you so much love and light, Jessica 💖😘🌷

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