Good morning sweetheart 👋🏻☀️

This week I am concentrating on healing my Solar Plexus Chakra and one of the most important parts to me, is Chakra Balancing through Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

I try to meditate every day for 30-40min, when my son has his siesta, which is also part of my tarot & tea time, where I lay tarot cards for others 👌🏻

I also listen to binaural beats during the night, when I sleep…my search term on YouTube or any other platform for music is: “Binaural beats Plexus Chakra Healing” & “Binaural Beats for Solar Plexus Chakra to listen to whilst asleep”

In my own meditation for solar plexus balancing I focus on breathing in white light and how the white light fills my solar plexus, which then turns yellow and starts spinning/vibrating until it fills my whole body through its vibration with yellow light.

I do this when I shower or when I have a spare moment in the day (even if it’s just for a minute) it really works and is so easy to do👌🏻👌🏻🧡

When I first started meditating a few years back, I found it hard to be present and not think about anything… but practice makes perfect (I’m still practicing) and even if you manage to meditate properly for 1-2 minutes then that’s a huge achievement 👍🏻 what works for me is concentrating on my breathing when my mind starts to go for a wander, I acknowledge the thought and write it down afterwards (I actually find it interesting, what I come up with during meditation, it can be very healing) and then I think about my breathing, how my chest & tummy lifts up and down, how fresh the air feels in my lungs and I also try to focus on how my body feels…and of course, I listen to the guidance on the meditation itself.

If you have given up on Meditations, I hope my post has given you new motivation to give Meditations another try, as they really are so so good for us 🌸

Hope my post was useful ❤️

Love, Jessica xxx

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