Hello my lovely! 🙂

If it’s the first time you come across me.. I felt guided to work on my chakras (one at the time) a few weeks back and this week I am focussing on my solar plexus 👍🏻

Every day this week I am creating content based on my experiences and a little more information about each chakra 🧘🏻‍♀️ so here we are, finding out about the emotional signs of a Solar Plexus Imbalance:

Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, indecisive, helplessness, lack of purpose, inner critic comes out (negative mind chatter) are all signs that there is a certain level of blockage.

If you feel like any of the above apply to how you feel, please consider contacting your GP or look for a good counsellor to help, in addition to any holistic treatments/rituals for solar plexus balancing.

There are a few things I like doing to keep my solar plexus balanced one small but effective thing is to drink chamomile tea…it is said to help very well with solar plexus balancing and also soothes your stomach – it’s a win/win in my eyes 😃

I used to have a low self-esteem and used to have such a negative mind about myself, my body and to be honest, I still do but it’s only minimal now…unfortunately this doesn’t mean it won’t come back…most people have good and bad days and I came to the conclusion, that having balanced chakras is definitely a lifestyle 🙏🏻🌸

There are a few more things one can do to heal or balance ones solar plexus, which deserve their own post…so I’d like to encourage you to visit and follow my page, if you would like to read more about how I balance my chakras 🙂👍🏻

Love, Jessica xxxx

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