Hey lovely…and here it is! My take on sacral chakra balancing with cards…Tarot or Oracle cards are so so insightful to me and using cards in difficult situations combined with my own intuition has helped me so so much over the years.

Here are the most important questions to ask for Sacral Chakra Balancing:

Card no 1: Card to represent the current state of your Sacral Chakra

Card no 2: How to better channel my creative energy

Card no 3: Practical way I can deepen my relationships

Card no 4: Good way to balance this chakra

Card no 5: Result of Balancing this Chakra

This is such an effective way for you to get to know yourself, as working on this chakra will show suppressed emotions and feelings of guilt and shame that you carry in you unconsciously…a balanced sacral chakra improves creativity, sexuality and it’s all about creating joy, happiness and loving relationships.

Enjoy this process and let’s try to always act from a state of love…in the end…everybody in our life’s is only trying to do their best, as this is all we can do 🧡🙏🏻

Love, Jessica xxxx

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