Hey my lovely, after a little break in my chakra healing journey, I am now focussing on my Sacral Chakra next…and as you see on the picture, I am not alone… 😅

Having the company of my Apricot Coloured Cockapoo Miguel, whilst focusing on the Sacral Chakra which is also associated with orange/apricot colour, couldn’t be more perfect 👌🏻

This second chakra is also called Svadhisthana (in Sanskrit) and is located in the hip region, including your pubic bone and pelvis area.

The Sacral Chakras category is “MATTER”. It is linked with water and provides even flow, flexibility and excitement in life. –

It’s functions: The sense of pleasure – including sexuality, reproduction, imagination and connection with your creative self.

When this chakra is open and flowing, you will feel attractive, inspired and powerful 🧡

Keep an eye on my next post, to see what the physical signs of Sacral Chakra Blockages are.

Love, Jessica 🧡

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