Physical signs of a Sacral Chakra Imbalance:

Lower back problems and pain, issues with reproductive organs (eg. Ovarian cysts), urinary tract problems (eg. Infections)

If you suffer from the above I would always recommend seeing your GP to get additional help with the symptoms but I believe the cause of these symptoms is chakra related.

A quick remedy for me and what I love doing to keep this chakra balanced is spending time by the ocean, a lake or river…taking walks by the water or going swimming….I love how weightless my body feels when swimming…😂👌🏻

Alternatively I love floating with my eyes closed in still water…this can be in a bath also and to balance this chakra I visualise breathing in orange light which goes all the way down to the Sacral Chakra (the area under my naval, including my pubic bone and pelvic muscle) 👍🏻 until I can feel it vibrate (tingling) this exercise makes me feel so good 🌸 please note, don’t worry if you don’t feel it…I don’t always feel it tingle but know, that it works even if you don’t feel it 🧡

Lots of love, Jessica xxx

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