Balancing your Root Chakra with the help of colours ❤️🌳

The typical colour used to represent the root chakra is a rich red and the more you see it the more you balance it 👌🏻 I’m not there yet but I would love to have jumpers or scarves for each chakra colour to embrace each chakra that I am focussing on at each given time 🥰 #oneday 😂🙏🏻

Another thing I love, love, love is having a relaxing shower visualising the colour red 🚿 I close my eyes and in my minds eye I visualise, that the water that is coming out of the shower-head is red and washes through my head, down until reaching and filling my root chakra at the base of my spine…once there I let it rotate in my mind and relax for a few more moments. This is so so lovely!! And to top this off, I love listening to binaural beats music (there are some root chakra related ones) whilst showering 👌🏻 total bliss 😍

Love, Jessica xxxx

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