Hi there!

Ok so this is happening…During one new moon I decided to start re-balancing my chakras from scratch again…working on one at a time only focussing and enjoying the process of each one…I’ll start with the Root Chakra and work myself up.

My goal is to raise awareness about the chakra system, how you can balance each chakra and most importantly create awareness about the fact that the medication we receive from doctors is to deal with symptoms…they don’t actually cure the cause of the illness…which in my opinion is chakra related 🙂👍🏻

Over the next couple of months I’ll be sharing bits of information with you about each chakra, the physical and emotional signs of blockages as well as lots of different tools that will help you balance your chakras yourself. However, this is not to replace the beautiful healing work of a Reiki Practitioner 👍🏻

Information you can expect about each of the seven Chakras:

  • It’s Location in your body
  • The physical and emotional signs of blockages
  • The healing colour for each Chakra
  • Affirmations to heal your chakra
  • Meditations to heal your chakra
  • Crystals that help your chakras

See ya soon!! 👋🏻

Love, Jessica 🖤

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