Hey Sweetheart, how are you really feeling?

The day-to-day of a person living in 2019 can be very hectic…it’s too easy to worry about things and allowing fear to play the biggest role in our life 😌

Our beliefs are what we are given in childhood and we do almost everything, due to our upbringing or based on the society we were or still are exposed to in our life…what I continuously work on, is to be mindful of my emotions and change or detach from any negative thought process to a more positive and unconditional self-loving thought…ones mind can be the most abusing thing we ever encountered…and in some cases (like mine) I did not realise I was doing it until someone pointed it out to me…I think realising or noticing the negativity in ones mind is the first step & then changing it into a positive thought or affirmation is the next one.

In the next following weeks I am working actively on clearing my Chakras and I am currently concentrating on the Root Chakra (the one that is based at the end of our spine) to prevent it’s emotional signs for imbalance, which is anxiety, depression, indecisiveness, excessive stress and lack of assurance…check it out on my profile or message me, so I can tag you on those posts. Lots of love, Jessica 🌸❤️

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