✨ About ✨

I’m a English Tea and Chai Latte obsessed Sagittarius living in Littlehampton, United Kingdom.

My friends say that I’m bubbly, approachable, always happy to help others, kind and fun to be around with!

I love the Sea, Forrests, Views, Animals and have a deep interest in Wellness in general. I love to paint with acrylic and water colour – I like abstract art, as I can just go for it intuitively!

I started Jessica From The Heart, because I used to struggle so much in my romantic relationships in the past, I used to be so indecisive and was always longing for more opportunities to make the right decision, I used to apologise for everything…even things that don’t require an apology…! I was capable but internally I always felt/thought I wasn’t enough or capable…and needed confirmation that I’m doing the right thing 😅

….and then one day, I found my first card deck in Gatwick Airport (coincidentally 😉) and I started laying my own cards weeks after, which kept guiding me to Self-Love and helped me find my purpose, which is helping and teaching!

A few years later I had my first SAAMA Healing Session and I was so blown away by the accuracy and feedback I received about the root cause of my symptoms…it was exactly what I needed for my personal and spiritual development, as it points out any limiting beliefs, blocked emotions and even works with past lives. SAAMA includes a combination of healing techniques and other Spiritual related topics also…but what I loved most when I received my first session, is that the healing is done through my higher self…so magical.

Little did I know, that this would form part of my business one day! I certified in SAAMA Healing Therapy 1.0 in 2019 and during the Pandemic in 2020 I certified in SAAMA Healing Therapy 2.0, which provided the biggest changes in my life!

Prior to certifying in SAAMA, I certified in Usui and Angelic Reiki but SAAMA has absolutely blown my mind, as it’s so accurate and gets to the root cause, that makes us experience any negative experience in our lives. I also certified in Crystal Healing and Guiding Meditations, which all forms part of the complete package you receive when working with me.

Our paths are/will always be a little bumpy from time to time, so I made it my mission to be of service and share my abilities to help you on your own journey to happiness, love and peace 💖 and get through anything you might be going through right now 🌻

It’s your turn, I’d like to hear your story!