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Hey! I’m Jessica,

I’m a Card Reader, Holistic Healer and Self-Love Guide…I started building the foundation of my business almost 5 years ago, when I stepped into motherhood and had time to re-discover myself 🥰

In that time I noticed, that the quality of my thoughts were quite negative, specially related to my abilities and I also struggled, when it came to decision making because I was looking after everyone else and forgot what it is that I enjoy and what makes me happy.

So I went on a life-changing self-love journey, taking part in as many self-love courses, exercises, meditations as I could and over the course of almost 5 years, I noticed that I had become a huge impact on others around me on that topic too 🌻🤍

So I have put all my knowledge into easy and fun Self-Love Challenges, that help women in business find and develop those areas in life that truly make you happy, realign your thoughts and reduce negative mind chatter, so that things in life flow more organically and are aligned to your desires and values ❤️🥰

I’m looking forward to connecting with you for:

✨ The “More Myself” Self-Love Challenge – next Challenge begins on 11th of March, you’re so welcome to join us!

Personal Card Readings related to Love, Career or general messages

SAAMA Healing Sessions – Get rid of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms that you are experiencing.

✨ Free Pick-A-Card Readings & Generic Oracle/Tarot Messages on my Facebook Page and Private Facebook Group

✨ Card Readings & Collaborations on Clubhouse – Search for my Username: @jfromtheheart

I am currently fully booked for healing sessions and card readings, however you can complete below form to get on the waitlist:

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You’re doing your best! Always remember that!

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